The service areas of CII include :

Conduct due diligence review on projects and transactions.
Assist in preparation of documents for private placements.
Make available ongoing administrative support and monitoring services for projects, if required.
Provide senior level project and transaction analysis and evaluation.
Assist in the preparation of business plans.
Develop financing strategies and options.
Introduction to numerous funding sources.

The main service areas of CII are mentioned below:

Aviation Finance
Capital Interfunding, Inc. (“CII”) provides advisory services to clients on aviation finance options, e.g., operating leases, finance leases, EETCs or other custom structures consistent with their requirements, jurisdiction or financial condition.

CII maintains a world-wide network and close relationships with international banks in various countries, as well as access to ECA-backed financing and structured limited- or non-recourse debt facilities. Together with our network of international aviation ...

Corporate Asset Funding
The process of transacting accounts receivable in the secondary market or Accounts Receivable Funding is called factoring .

Factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable from a business at a discount. Factoring allows businesses to collect the money they are owed immediately by accepting a discounted (reduced) amount of the invoice from a third party.

Project & Structured Finance
The term "Project or Structured Finance" refers to financing transactions that are dependent on the pledged cash flows for repayment, as defined by the contractual relationships specific to each transaction or project.

Capital Interfunding, Inc. will provide analytical summaries of transactions and make recommendations as to their viability; and will, ...



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