Aviation Finance
Capital Interfunding, Inc. (“CII”) provides advisory services to clients on aviation finance options, e.g., operating leases, finance leases, EETCs or other custom structures consistent with their requirements, jurisdiction or financial condition.

CII maintains a world-wide network and close relationships with international banks in various countries, as well as access to ECA-backed financing and structured limited- or non-recourse debt facilities. Together with our network of international aviation lawyers, we will assist our clients in developing a structured transaction that meets the criteria for both lenders and lessors of aircraft and engines.

CII assists in the development of complex structured financing solutions, such as JOLs (Japanese Operating Lease) and the newer SOLs (Spanish Operating Lease), tax-oriented leveraged leases, etc. True operating - power-by-the-hour - engine leases are also available from our affiliated entities.

In jurisdictions outside the United States, we provide such services through our affiliate vonJet Aviation Partners (www.vonjet.aero) and funding through its various proprietary investment funds.

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